Blade Pile Cap Slab System

Alukea Enterprises is the only distributor and licensed installer of Blade Pile on the NSW South Coast.

blade pile cap slab system

The Blade Pile Cap Slab System addresses the challenges faced with slab systems built on highly reactive clay and problem sites.

This system is a cost effective solution for soil classes S, M, H1, H2 and E.

The patented design provides a high tensile steel screw in pile that has a balanced helix, driven in till flush with the soil.  This is capped with a slip joint cap which isolates the concrete from the screw in pile.

During soil heave and shrinkage, this cap rides and then re-seats on the screw in pile preventing “hogging” due to pier support loss from rotation and suction to the concrete slab.

Fully compliant with AS2159 and AS2870, the Blade Pile Cap Slab System is a rapid and precise installation that has superior capacity over bored piers and conventional screw in piles.

This system creates less site spoil, no site or environmental damage and is fully removable and recyclable.

The blade helix significantly increases the bearing plate area and improves load capacity and is designed for less soil bulking out during installation and less settlement.

Pour your concrete foundations quickly and easily by using the Blade Pile Cap Slab System, even on heavy clay and problem sites.

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How can Alukea Enterprises assist you?

Alukea Enterprises has over 10 years’ experience and focus on making your residential project easier with this cost effective concrete slab system.

Builders often have problems finding solutions to address challenges with heavy clay and problem sites.

The rapid and precise installation of Blade Pile Cap Slab System ensures less costs in the ground as is a reliable, affordable foundation system that can also be removed, reused and recycled.

There is no site or environmental damage and less spoil to remove.

The Blade Pile Cap is the cost effective solution for slip joints in all types of soils

Blade Pile is a cost effective solution for soils classed S, M, H1, H2 and E and problems sites.  It provides an alternative to conventional concrete piles for…

  • Close neighbouring footings
  • Heavy and reactive clay zones
  • Previous fill areas
  • Tree root affects
  • Sloping sites

For a cost effective solution that won’t pour all your budget into over engineered foundations. 

Alukea Enterprises and Blade Pile provide affordable solutions to your residential and commercial projects.              

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