Blade Pile Cap

Alukea Enterprises is the only licensed installer and distributor of Blade Pile on the NSW South Coast.

blade pile cap

Blade Pile Cap is a structural slip joint cap used with Blade Pile screw piles, that offers superior support for conventional concrete raft and waffle slabs.

The patented design allows the slip joint pile cap to ride and re-seat the pile, making it an effective solution for clay soil heave and shrinkage.

The Blade Pile Cap is installed and positioned flush with the soil.  Your concrete slab is laid directly on top and the cap isolates the concrete from the screw pile.

This efficient system saves builders time and money and is AS2870 compliant as an isolated pier.

Combining the Blade Pile screw pile and slip joint cap certifies this system as a “Bored Pier” substitute.

This system achieves AS2159 and AS2870 compliance for performance, design and durability.

Pour your concrete foundations quicker and easier by using the Blade Pile Slab Systems.  This system is even cost effective on problem sites.

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How can Alukea Enterprises assist you?

For over 10 years, Alukea Enterprises has made your residential project easier by allowing your slab to be poured quicker.

Engineers often have to overdesign slabs to address challenges associated with problem sites and reactive clay.

The efficient installation of Blade Pile ensures a cost effective solution to concrete foundations that is compliant, reliable and affordable and can also be removed and recycled in years to come.

There is less spoil and no site or environmental damage.

The Blade Pile Cap is the cost effective solution for slip joints in all types of soils and problems sites.  It is certified and compliant (AS2870, AS2159) to provide a superior alternative to concrete piles for…

  • Concrete raft slabs
  • Waffle Slabs

Don’t pour all your budget into conventional concrete foundations that may be overengineered for clay soils. 

Alukea Enterprises and Blade Pile can provide cost effective solutions to your domestic or commercial concrete foundations

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